When I first signed up with amazon I said that I was going to take things slow. Which meant I was going to get all my stuff listed slowly but you know the last two days I was like “FUCK THAT” … I have a few new releases as I spoke of before and I want to get them released.

You know what else I want to do ?, Get into Chapter 2 of my life… It’s time to close this book on chapter 1, so for me to do that I want to get all my old stuff listed on Amazon and get the new releases released everywhere. THEN I can move to Chapter 2.

I’m looking forward to Chapter 2, but if your following me on Amazon, be prepared cause your ass is going to get fucking swamped with my releases over the next few days.. Yesterday I released a bunch and I got more coming out today and I’ll even do more when I wake up but it’ll depend on the weather too. I’m currently looking at a few days of thunderstorms, but quickly looking at things things shouldn’t start until the evening so that means… When I wake up I should be able to get more listed before it starts.

I got thinking and I’m glad I’m only starting Chapter 2 of my life, if it was Chapter 4 it would sound like bankruptcy hahahaaa.

Anyways lets get doing this shit



Never Meant

From the first day of my life, I had the trouble
I always thought it would be something that I grew out of.
When my intelligence grew it would I would be able to solve for X

Never meant to have friends
Don’t know how to talk to them
Always meant to walk this earth alone
That way I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing
Nobody would have to worry when I was hung from a string

Figured it was something that I would grow into
But I never was one who had many of them around
No matter male or female, always had trouble with the communication skills
It was something that was my emotional kill

I’m best left alone
So you don’t have expectations about me
Cause the moment those grow in your head
Is the moment I’m destined to fail

No wonder why I live in the middle of nowhere
It’s a life lesson for those who want me near
They should have plenty of thought before they come see me
So they are aware of the mistake that they are about to make


Coding – Part 2

Alright so I redid my sites with frontpage 2003 and let the default coding take over. That’s when I noticed after a few days my sites were all vanishing from online listings like google. It appears that it’s because of the old coding techniques that are use are truly no longer valid.

After comparing the old code that I now have to the new code that I use to have, I can easily pick out many things that have changed over the years. So I guess I’ll be making the change back to html5.  Guess that’s the only thing I can do, slave to technology.

I’ll no doubt be making this change later today, once I finish working on what I’m doing.



Over the last two days I’ve been in considerable pain in both my back and neck so I have been trying to spend as little time on the computer as possible. I’ve been trying to keep myself comfortable as well but truthfully it’s not a easy task to do.

The pain and discomfort has been overwhelming at times, just because I think I’ve found a comfortable way to sit then it creeps back making it uncomfortable, I’ve been trying not to take any pills like Advil or Tylenol but it’s been proving to be a bad choice and making my days very long.

I will be taking some tonight when I crawl into bed since the last few hours have been nothing but a pain to get comfortable with… more like I did take some tonight since by the time you read this it’ll be morning at least for me.

A massage would no doubt be nice, perhaps do me a world of good, but my pockets are empty so that’s out of the question, unless someone wants to give me one for free ? any takers ?…. Trust me folks all I hear is crickets right now as nobody is rushing to give me one.

Time to try and get comfortable and climb into bed



What many of you know, but that depends on how long you have been following me… You bunch of stalkers… hahaa

I like to create websites, as in html websites… I recently made a change, for the last few years I’ve been using Expressions Web 4 (EW4)… I have gone back to Frontpage 2003 (FP2003)… I honestly find FP2003 more stable on the latest release of windows 10. I always had problems with EW4 crashing for the last few months.

Now prior to the change I had all the sites I was working on coded in html5 and yes my code was error free… I got very little hits although that seems to be a normal thing for me. Although when I changed up to FP2003 I honestly didn’t give a shit about the code, I let the program code it and I didn’t fuck with it, the code has errors. I know it does… I ran a validating test on it and it has errors. Honestly I don’t care, I went back cause it was stable.

Now with changing up all my sites I have noticed that they have all vanished from google, because of the coding drastically changing. Honestly I’m fine with that, they will be found on google in due time, I’m in no rush because it doesn’t make a huge bit of difference. But I’m liking the simple things in FP2003 where I can make a change on one page for certain parts of the page and it’ll change up every page on that site (unless I have a subsite). It makes my job that much easier and less painful.

What I have learned is not everything is deserving of a blog and just because you have a blog or something created with wordpress doesn’t mean you’ll get your stuff noticed any quicker or easier.

I think that’s why I create websites, cause as much as I like the idea of a blog if they started to charge tomorrow I know I can create myself a site as easy as anything and I know about a handful of good free hosts that I can choose from t post it on.

It’s still surprising to me that an older program is more stable than a newer one, but for the time being I’ll stick with the old program since I don’t have to pay money to use it. As long as it remains stable.

Anyways I feel like I’m just repeating myself right now.



As you get older you think for a moment that you have gone past that age.
But people still choose to pretend
Making up lies, being deceitful
Like it’s some sort of land of make believe

I guess while you’ve grown up, some haven’t
You try to live your life to the best that you know how
Still having to dodge people like this
Just cause the package looks pretty on the outside
It’s not always what your getting on the inside

Sometimes things look soft as cotton
Yet it’ll leave your mind rotten
Making you second guess life choices
As you tend to start to listen to your own inner voices.

Nobody cares they’re just pretending
So they can toy with your emotions


Writing: What Am I Up To ?

Alright so few of you may actually wonder “besides the shit he writes about, when can we expect anything new from Ken ?”

Here’s the behind the scene’s look… I was going to do this as a video but my camera is dead and I keep thinking about buying a new one but I haven’t decided…

In terms of writing:

The Way I Feel – It’s a book of poetry, It’s 17 pages deep currently and y’all have read I think about 10.. So I have at least 7 pages that it hasn’t been posted and is exclusive to that release itself.

Neighbourhood Stalker 4 – The Drunk – I posted the cover up for this book, but it was before I reset my site… But it doesn’t matter that I reset things, I’m still working on it so it’s’ another horror book and the fourth installment / chapter in the neighbourhood stalker series that you guys all know and love… I’m not much for giving insight about my books but I’ll say this… He struggles with decisions in his life during this one.. It’s not done, I haven’t decided how exactly things will end in this book, but it does come with a surprise. I guess you can call it an easter egg..

Ken’s Guide To The Galaxy – Can I Go Home Yet ? – This one, no cover and no info has been posted until right now. Yup you fans of my guide to the galaxy have another chapter coming your way in the near future.. This one has just got started so at this moment it’s the furthest from being released.

The Cottage – Got another chapter coming from the Moist Series this one being called “The Cottage”. This shit is already written up, I can release it anytime I really want to.. You guys have had the chance to read part of it right here on my blog before I reset things. I haven’t decided when I’m going to release it. This will most likely be the final chapter of the Moist Series.. As I said in one of my previous posts, these take a lot out of me mentally and tend to make me depressed, what can I say the lack of comfort I receive doesn’t help the situation. So unless that part of my life changes dramatically. This will be the final chapter.

Yes, I am one man…
Yes, I’ve written all this myself

So you guys have a lot to look forward to in regards to what’s being released by ME.

Which also means that if you haven’t read anything previously for either series that I’m dropping something new on, go and buy that up and catch up. They are all on every major ebook site (except amazon) … I’m currently working with Amazon to get everything online, it’s a slow process cause I don’t want to overly swamp them, all in one day or one week.


P.S … for those few who scroll past my name, I also got a few extra surprises that will be released &/or setup as well. That you won’t want to miss out on