We’ve All Been There

As the clock ticks through the day I’ve looked for so many ways to escape. Back when I was in school, I wondered what would I have to do Would it truly matter what I did, I know it didn’t matter to me, how about you ? I woke up the next morning and went […]

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I Feel Completely Overwhelmed

Depending on how long you’ve been following this blog, you know that I play video games and Xbox One is my choice of console. I have I think around 300 games and I keep buying them, they usually take me a few days to a week to download (slow ass connection). Couple of years ago […]

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So What Have I Been Up To ?

So those who have been itching for my poetry and wonder like I’ve fallen off the map since I haven’t wrote anything poetry related in five days… Normally I write more frequently however I’ve been busy with random short projects. As you know (or you might if you follow the blog) I’m now my own […]

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Therapy Series

Well folks, in my efforts to get everything I’ve wrote up on the three distributors (kobo, google play books & barnes and noble) my next set of books that I’m doing is my therapy series Therapy D-(minus) Therapy 2017 Depending on your preference to read my stuff on, it should be listed in a few […]

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