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Better Work On My Video Skills…

So my talent has been acquired, or more so asked to assist .. With possible payment so “YAY!” .. At this moment I can’t say much however a friend of mine will be doing a youtube show with a friend of hers… I got bored one night and did up an intro video for them, they both liked it as I got feedback from both of them which was nice to get I must say. Since most of my videos tend to go unnoticed on my youtube channel…

Anyways long story short my friend asked me if I would be interested in editing the show for them, I’m all up for that specially with the possibility of getting paid. The intro I did was very basic but it made them happy.

Now it’s time for me to start working on my video skills, since I have the basic idea of what they would like and how they’re going to film things, so my lucky readers will no doubt get to see a few short videos of my video editing skills as I try things out over the course of the next little while. Since this show isn’t starting until February…

But without further notice, here’s the intro… I would say hopefully I can show it, but since the intro is public on my youtube channel I don’t see why not:


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Such A Boring Few Days

So today has been rather boring, more than my usual boring.. Sure I’ve been playing more video games on my xbox one than normal. However I have been trying to limit my interactions with my computer.

Mom got a computer from her boyfriend and it’s been hitting BSOD after BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) with error messages and for the most part it’s saying that something is corrupt, well I managed to get it up and running yesterday only for her to turn it on today and BAM! same shit again.. Well yesterday after doing a bunch of research in regards to the error messages and reading the corrupt thing I decided to do some online shopping.. I was going to buy her a new hard drive… 1TB which was for about $80 since right now she doesn’t have the money for it.. But for some reason I do, so then I thought.. Why not just buy myself a bigger hard drive since for $99 I can get a 4TB drive and I’ll buy that for myself and give Mom the hard drive that I have that’s barely a year old.. I asked her, her thoughts and she was fine with it since she doesn’t use her computer much anyways.

So last night I bought it through the amazon site from a company called Canada Computers well the sale ended yesterday which is why I jumped on it online. But they (canada computers) always holds there products for 1-2 business days before shipping things out for one reason or another.. I guess it’s because most of the time it’s big purchases and they want to give the people buying them as much time as possible to change there mind if that’s the case..

The delivery estimate for it is Wednesday – Friday .. So I took the time yesterday to back up my documents because I know that I’m going to format things when I give my current hard drive to Mom..  It’s all fine and great but sadly I don’t want to do anything much on my computer offline because it’ll mean that I have to back things up that I made changes to. I’m hoping that this evening it’ll get shipped if not tomorrow morning. I have things that I would like to work on but at this moment I’m just trying to hold off.. It’s making my day very long and even more boring. Like I said I’ve been playing xbox one which is fine I’m not complaining about that, I just have other things I would like to do that I’ve been holding off on doing for the time being.

Well back to trying to find something to do


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Celebrate Small Accomplishments

So this is 2019 and we’re officially twelve … Yeah that’s right 12 days into this year and I have decided that I’m going to celebrate small accomplishments because even though they’re small they are still accomplishments.

Starting with this…

The last release of 2018 was “Fading Away” and up until this very date it has 9 downloads.. I’m not saying it’s terrible because to be honest poetry really doesn’t get read when it comes to ebooks, as if your writing poetry your best to post it on a blog or small user communities because people really don’t go searching for it anymore. Or maybe it’s just me that they don’t want to read ? I honestly don’t know… I do have a few ideas that I’ll be testing out this year in terms of my poetry… but anyways back to the celebratory of small accomplishments …

Not to repeat myself but:
Fading Away – 9 Downloads – Release Date was: December 27 2018

Latest release:
Ken’s Guide To The Galaxy – More Probing – Release Date was: January 9 2019

The download count for Ken’s Guide To The Galaxy is 20… yes 20 it’s only been out in the market for two full days right now and it’s doubled my previous release.

For those of you who love my poetry, don’t worry.. I’m not giving up on it, it’s something that I’ve always written and always will. But I like to write anything that my mind comes up with because it may catch someone’s eye who wasn’t taking a chance on my poetry only to have them swoop in and say “Damn this guy has some talent” Since most writers tend to stay with one subject and since I’ve been writing I’ve touched on subjects such as:
Poetry, Horror, Erotica & Sci-Fi .. Plus a bunch of short stories along the way

I have millions of ideas to write about and I won’t be going anywhere… I may even invite a few friends to join me along the way.


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Going To Fast…

Every so often I like to take a day or two in order to fast, I think it’s really the only thing that I do that includes the word fast hahaa. Depending on your weight I don’t think it’s a dangerous thing to do, in fact I think it can be healthy. With weighing over 200lbs now and then I like to do it, take a day and not eat. I have noticed that with myself going the odd day or two without eating I’ve never noticed any bad side affects.

In fact at times I find that I actually do sleep better when I do it, so I think I’m going to do that today, I may continue into tomorrow but honestly I don’t really feel hungry at this point in time. I haven’t ate anything at this point in time today, I usually just eat when I’m hungry and as of late I feel like I’ve been eating way too much. I think it depends on who I’m around, certain people when I’m around them I feel like I always have to eat, maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling that great the last day or two.. Too much crap so I need to fast and let my body eat what it already has.

I like that idea, the longest I’ve gone is 3 days, that was during the end of summer. Things went well, until I had a rather warm bath and that’s when I noticed I felt rather dizzy after.. I don’t think it was the bath that caused it, I think it’s because I stood up too fast and got dizzy. I didn’t pass out or fall over, I sat down and after a few moments the dizziness passed.

So at this point in time that’s the plan…


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I decided a couple of days ago that I would start researching religions. I was born Catholic as my Mom is as well, Dad is Protestant which is a form of Catholic. I know you constantly hear of things in the news and how everything appears to be religious wars etc etc.. I don’t really think I believe that one to be truthful, so I decided a few days ago to start doing my own research so I bought a basic book called “The Religions Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained” (click here to view it on google books).  Shortly after I bought that book I decided to buy myself something and that was what was known as a Buddha bracelet since one of the beliefs they have is in Chakra so I thought I would buy myself a bracelet the one I bought can be viewed here

According to my ex I bought it for someone “and I hope they enjoy it” what she doesn’t know is that I bought it for myself

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2019 – Year Of Minimizing

So my goto webhost for sites I create (html sites) is AwardSpace .. I currently have I think four accounts with them and the reason for that is because two (normally three) have domain names and your only allowed to have one domain name per free account.

Well all three domains that I purchased have to be renewed this year and I’m not doing it, just not going to put out the money this year.. I always got told it’ll make a big difference but honestly it doesn’t.

So i’ll be making changes to my sites since I can host unlimited subdomains .. so I’ll be kicking over everything to subdomains and everything should be on one account

More on this shortly