What’s Wrong With Me ?

So after yesterday or the day before when I typed up and shared “I’m Such A Hypocrite” I remember clicking publish to showcase that shit to the world and walking away. I walked away from the computer and went upstairs and sat on the floor, looking outside as it rained and watching the water wash dirt off of everything. Even though that’s not really possible since we really haven’t had much of anything happen to get dirt on anything but for the sake of things we’ll go with it. As I sat I got thinking, I truly am a hypocrite.. … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Me ?

Ugly Music

Last year or year before I don’t remember I signed up with a site called NoiseTrade which allows people to listen to your music and drop tips if they so desire… I have forgotten about that site for a while but I have recently uploaded Ugly Music to the site so click on the cover and go listen to it. I also added NoiseTrade to my navigation Continue reading Ugly Music

I’m Such A Hypocrite

I talk all this positive talk But at the end of the day I really don’t give a fuck The only one I give a shit about is myself I’ve seen myself laying in a casket in many dreams at night I’ve seen myself laying dead in many nightmares It’s rare when a thought similar doesn’t go through my mind But here I am preaching this positive bullshit Like I’m the one who would actually live by it I actually care very little about my own self and if I’m I happen to hurt me, so be it. I’ve seen … Continue reading I’m Such A Hypocrite

Websites – Keywords

So if you have ever created a website before you know that one of the things that you get pressed for are keywords so that search engines know how to index your site and the keywords are suppose to help people find your shit. Are they important ?, honestly with the changes that google has made over the last two years I don’t think they are. Keywords are a myth in my opinion, I say that because people use to do keyword stacking. I remember one guy who had a record label and he’d stack his keywords, he would use … Continue reading Websites – Keywords

In Pain

Have you ever been in pain Walking around with a cloud above you, always drenched in rain Being soaked in sadness In your mind it’s utter madness When many are feeling like this they think the smartest way out is departing Thinking like that is just retarded Selfishness To put your needs above those who care about you. We’ve all been there, I know I have sat around and felt blue It’s a common thing that I suffer through It’s not something that’s easy for me to do We all have our problems, I’ve dealt with mine in ways that … Continue reading In Pain

Easier For You

Easier for you to lay down in your bed Close your eyes, have your soul bleed out until your dead It’s easier for you To severe all ties Listen to the bullshit Drown yourself in lies We’re all in the same amount of pain Ignore the cuts on my body Let the world try to piece together your puzzle when your not here with us It’s easier to try and hide it all from the world Rather than talk about it and get labeled It’s easier for you To severe all ties Listen to the bullshit Drown yourself in lies … Continue reading Easier For You