Colostomy Bag

You attempt to be Mr Smooth having all the right lines that women want to hear, almost like you’ve done the research on the subject and visited all the love lorn websites to hear women complain about what they want to find in a guy.
So you decide to mash it all up making one think that your Mr perfect as you spill paragraphs of shit you would see in a self help love letter.

But you don’t realize that the one girl you have just so happen to choose was taken, she very easily sent me all that you said and as I read it I couldn’t help but to feel.

Your nothing more than a colostomy bag
Trying to convince the world that your something more than that
When in reality everything you say and do equals colostomy bag

Let me give y’all some more insight, since I hate to see you walking around blind
Having white canes so you don’t bump into walls or fall down stairs, cause I’m that nice.

“my heart has no room for another girl, you are the only one I want for the rest of my life”
“Every day I spend thinking of you, I will never stop loving you”
“I have already fallen for you”

Those are just excerpt’s from three short paragraphs, portraying his love for her.

Your nothing more than a colostomy bag
Trying to convince the world that your something more than that
When in reality everything you say and do equals colostomy bag

The shit that runs out of that boys mouth, childish really.
It makes me sit, think, ponder.
How much shit does he come off with. Does anyone really believe it

I find him nothing more than a joke.
He’s no real threat to me
How could he be, it almost sounds like he wants to swoon her and lock her away.
Deep in a dungeon never to be found, to be sold as a sex slave.

That boy is from another country, hits on her via instagram
I recently joined instagram, waiting to see if the boy got courage to post public
I’m not one to start a fight, I know she’ll quickly block him if he gets out of hand.
But we’ll see what happens when he makes a comment and has to face a real man

Your nothing more than a colostomy bag
Trying to convince the world that your something more than that
When in reality everything you say and do equals colostomy bag



So I checked out @donaldglover netflix special Weirdo

So as the title says I checked out Donald Glover’s netflix special called Weirdo.  For those who don’t know he’s not the son of Danny Glover who played in the lethal weapon movies and I’m sure that’s a common thing that he gets asked, cause honestly when I first heard of him that’s what I thought.

I first seen Donald in the tv show called Community and I liked the character he played he was kinda goofy & weird his name in the show was Troy..  I always liked the Troy and Abed dynamic in the show, I think that’s what kept me watching the show more and more.

The other thing that people may not know about Donald is he does hip hop under the name Childish Gambino , I’m a huge fan of hip hop and honestly I have not checked out his music at this point in time, but I will check some of it out in the next few days as I’ve been looking at a few new artists to check out.

I must admit I like his idea of having a black spiderman, I think that would be a great thing. I doubt he’ll see this or read this but he makes a lot of references of how many thought he should play spiderman and people freaked out about it and compared him possibly playing spiderman to a white shaft … (no I don’t mean a white dick I mean the black action star known as Shaft) ..
Anyways I know why the comparison, because I know this netflix special is originally came out in 2012 so at the time Shaft was the closest thing that the black folks  had as a superhero that most of the general population would know since Black Panther didn’t come out until 2018…

So those are my thoughts, back to the netflix special


The Continued Evolution Of Ken’s Poetry – OUT NOW !! – Fixed

Update 02/18 – When I first posted the book I didn’t realize I selected it to be listed as an adult book so you’d have to sign in to read it.. I have since fixed it

Either click the cover to go read it or HERE … It will be on google play as well within the next 24 hours


Nice – Behind The Writing

So I was sitting around my computer room listening to music when I heard a track by independent rapper Lo Key come through my speakers called Nasty

Ideas flowed through my head to take it and kind of write the “nice guy” version of it where instead of being nasty, be nice… Cause I am… I think

The ideas were flowing in fast and I liked the thoughts I had, I sat down with the track on repeat and found the lyrics online… I decided to write, I struggled so fucking much I can’t explain how much I struggled doing it.
Truthfully at the end I thought it was garbage and I wanted to move it to the trash, but I always have the habit of sharing everything I do, no matter if I think it’s good or bad. Perhaps it’s just me, perhaps that’s a bad thing.

I honestly don’t know, but I shared it anyways and wanted to give a back story behind it, even though I set things up to delay the release of this back story for about two hours so the shitty little poem that I wrote can take center stage for a bit.

So there you have it, the behind the writing, kinda like behind the scenes…



I’m so nice, you already know.
I’m keeps it respectable from Toronto to Tokyo
I keeps you reading all of my books
reading all of my books

I’m just heaven sent, rising up through the ranks of the living
Until it’s my own time to ascend to the sky above

Filling my brain with the knowledge to spread it upon the rest of those who follow me
Cramming my brain with so many ideas it keeps me awake at night causing me to loose sleep.

I’m writing so much, why hasn’t the world taken a moment to stop and notice
When they’ve finally caught on I no doubt would be moving onto something else

I’m so nice, you already know.
I’m keeps it respectable from Toronto to Tokyo
I keeps you reading all of my books
reading all of my books


Fixing Up The Blog

Decided to do minor blog maintenance today, more so adjusting categories and giving a bit more information with those. My trial ideas didn’t float well with the community or SEO.. As I basically watched my stats dropped like a ton of shit outta the sky. Who would have thought

Still not a big fan of tags, I think they’re mainly used in the community no longer with search engines because of how search engines have changed over the years, specially the last two years at that.
So I still stand by not using them, some may think I’m crazy for not doing so but my theory is this, I used them when I first started this blog and none of my old posts are getting looked at only my new posts are…  So what does that say ?

Going to do more maintenance most of which I’m sure it won’t be seen by the naked eye..


Bad Habit

So I have this bad habit of lying, possibly… But not to anyone in particular but to myself. I said in one of my last posts that I’m going to take a break from writing for a bit so I don’t wear myself out and so I don’t feel like I’m burned out and feel like I just don’t want to write anymore.. But to be honest I’m sure I’ll end up writing again sooner than later, one part of me hates that… The reason for me hating that is because one of the toughest things for me is to walk away from things and take break from things.

Well my latest book has been up for almost a day and it’s got zero reads, but of course this one is has a parental lock on it because of certain things I say.. But I guess I’m alright with the zero reads because I’m at the point of getting most of my reads on this blog and another site.

I have thought about not doing the distribution thing anymore, I know that’s often crossed my mind  since I know rounding out last year and so far this year I have slowed down on my releases.
People just aren’t reading them like they use to. So I may just focus on two sites for posting things and no longer do the distribution thing since clearly I get more reads without distributing but who knows I honestly have no idea… Things like this make me want to walk away and take bigger breaks from things.

I also think it’s a lack of inspiration too

So i’m out..

Attn: Poets – Part 2

Well I did part one of this (found here) and while the post has seven likes none of which who liked it have the ability to be in touch with. Well I tried two people so far nothing, but hey it’s not for the lack of trying.. So I thought I would try it again and see if it’ll help people like it where they can be apart of things since I think this would be a great opportunity for many.

Speaking of which you may have noticed that my categories have randomly changed at times because earlier today I got thinking this:
“I’m a webmaster before blogger, I know as a webmaster that when you do keywords you do comma’s to separate keywords so why not change my categories from slashes to comma’s to see if I can use my categories to more of a benefit than normal ?”
So that’s my random tip from me to you, not sure if it’ll help or not

Starting to think that my idea is just going to be me and a friend of mine, not that I have a problem with that but I thought I would reach out and see if others would be interested.


Last Night

So last night I didn’t do much, I know it seems like every other night. But I went to bed before midnight and as I went to bed I had the urge of wanting to cry for some reason, I also didn’t want to be there. But with also being bored I was on the boundary of staying up and not knowing what I wanted to do with myself or going to bed and not wanting to be in bed either.

I had previously shut off my tablet about I think an hour prior to going to bed, as anyone I was talking to they were also already looking at going to bed themselves or already in bed asleep and not talking to me.
So I figured it was a good place for me, but when I climbed into bed I didn’t want to be there, but I also felt insanely bored. But the boredom feeling seems to be a common thing for me because I have always felt that way for the most part, I keep thinking I need to try something different but I also read that I shouldn’t force trying something different otherwise it will fell exactly like that (as in forced) and I won’t want to do it anymore as I’ve read about a dozen or two articles about boredom and it maybe linked to depression but they also say you shouldn’t force yourself to do anything to try and snap out of it because it could make you more bored which I do understand about being bored and struggling with it, but lets face it I don’t think anyone enjoys being bored.

My morning routine is the usual and has been for the longest time, when I get up I start up my computer and head to the bathroom I come back down and first thing I do is check for windows 10 updates, windows 10 store updates and I launch patch my pc to see if that had any updates which follows me going to sites like major geeks to see if any updates are on that then checking my email, perhaps facebook follows that. The facebook thing really depends on what else I have going through my mind or if I want to sign on that early to see what’s going on with people I know.. I surf through MSN to see what’s new in the world today and if I should be interested by any articles I click on them to read more.. I then launch steam to update anything through that automatically just in case I want to play it later.. After all that’s done I basically just sit around all day and I stare at my computer wondering what the hell should I do.
I have practiced a few things with my video editor for me to help a friend with her youtube show but at this point in time things keep getting bumped back little by little and I think I will play the “learn on the fly” routine and hopefully figure everything out that I need to do on the fly since I don’t really need to do any big adventurous edits I think everything will be very straight forward when I work with her.

Here I am again, it’s just two minutes to noon and I feel bored again. I know Mom is looking at heading to her boyfriends shortly and I will no doubt go plunk myself on the couch upstairs looking out the window at the world, but I doubt it I’ll no doubt just stay down here in my computer room for the most part all day. I have no interest in going upstairs really, I may once or twice today but it’s a rare thing when I do because I never know what to do when I go up there so it really doesn’t last before I come back down here.

I’ve decided to take a break from writing, so no writing for the next few days at least. I found that last year when I released something and dove back into writing again it burned me out quick and I didn’t want to write or would look at writing different things than normal which lead to sci-fi and horror but what many people don’t know and I don’t even know if my girlfriend knows but I struggled to write that stuff, I had to put myself in a different mind frame in order to write like it that I feel fucking exhausted when I do.
I might look at taking time to create some music, but time will tell for that. I have also noticed that my music stuff really doesn’t get liked on this blog, I don’t really think it gets listened to when I do it elsewhere, I thought about giving up on it.. But I think I more so do music for me and for things I work on. So I just make it and list it and let it sit online cause that’s all it ever does hahaaa but I’m fine with it.
I’ve had a few thoughts to do a few things but honestly they haven’t really left my mind cause I just struggle with them.

But anyways… Time to continue my day, not sure what I’m going to do but it might be something but I doubt it.


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