Voices In My Head

Alright so I took the time today to sit down and write a bit, I wrote and released Voices In My Head so anyone who cares to read it, can read it. It’s one of my more personal bits of writing that I have done in a long time.
I think a good writer can go to personal places and be comfortable with it. Honestly I don’t know if I’m that terribly comfortable with what I said but I felt like I wanted to push myself a bit out of my comfort level.
I feel like I’ve sat in my comfort level way too long at this point in time and I’ve been thinking about pushing myself out of that zone for a while in terms of my writing so I figured why not just do it now ?
Am I going to get made fun of for saying what I did ?, been there before and if it takes me back there then so be it. Honestly it’s not a concern of mine.

Well that’s done and it’s out there time to move on, I wonder what I’ll be doing next…. Stay posted I got a few ideas…



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