Hello folks, how ya doing tonight.
I thought I would do up another post tonight but this one is a bit different, this one isn’t about my writing that I keep posting about this is about another type of media that I do. That type is music, just really scores is all I create.
I’ve created many of them since the start, actually I’ve created 18 of them. Honestly I’ve never made any money from it, but I still continue to create them. It’s just a hobby and honestly I’ve decided to just give them away for free, it’s really too hard to make decent money off music these days. Most people don’t go searching for new music and if they do they expect to get it free from unknown people or they look at downloading it in some sort of method. So I’ve decided just to post it up for free to save everyone the trouble, I actually had a total of 20 albums created but I deleted the last two after getting frustrated as fuck with things. I originally created things to make some money with them but it failed miserably and it frustrated me so I pulled everything from online and just deleted it all. I got frustrated from it, I didn’t know what else to do. I was going crazy about it.

But as of right now they’re back online freely hosted for all to download and enjoy them, I plan on making more. Not sure when it’ll depend on when I sit down to do so I guess since I have no idea what I’m doing tomorrow let alone in 3 days from now.



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