Always Nice / New Book or Music

Always Nice

It’s always nice to be able to talk to someone who you can have a good conversation with just about anything to, even though at times you still have trouble opening up to the person. But a amazing person will know that and will know you very well. I have found that friend, known her since high school although truthfully we didn’t talk much in high school but in my defense I was super shy.. How super shy ? like painfully socially awkward shy. But with her knowing me since back then she’s always been a true sweetheart and always knows what to expect when it comes to me… Ok well not really, I have caught her off guard a few times.. But that’s beside the point hahahaa

New Book or Music

I had a plan of releasing one or the other before Christmas, I haven’t decided if I’m going to or not, truthfully I’m really unsure. I think it’s because I know that in two weeks Christmas is here.  I never know what I’m doing on a daily, so I can’t say if I’m going to do anymore writing or not, in one way I think I’m going to because I would definitely would like to since I’m sure I could come up with something. Since I always have ideas flowing through my head right now it’s just a matter of time having to put those thoughts to paper. Actually while writing this little bit I had an idea for a title if I release something, it could be worthy of either.. or both… Normally I keep this shit to myself but I’m going to post the title so that hopefully I won’t forget the title since I like the title… “Kennapped” … Yup that’s it, that has to be the title.. No questioned asked…

Well that’s all for now, since Christmas is coming…. A Very Twiztid Christmas sounds right



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