Google Play Books

Alright so not long ago I got accepted to join the elite, the fine people of google play books.  At first I was going to post up everything that I ever wrote but I knew that would take a while so then I got thinking about things and later changed up my thoughts to just the newest 9 books that I released and everything new that I release from now on. So while currently (as of typing this) 8 out of 9 books have been accepted they’re not visible yet to anyone, I would imagine it would take about 12-24 hours for that shit to happen but maybe I’m wrong.

I also thought about releasing my erotica on google play books under my alter ego.. However I haven’t decided fully if I will or not, currently having mixed reactions with things. I guess i’ll just wait and see what all happens with what I have posted and go from there. As much as I’ve been one of those people who go all in with everything I do, at times I take my time because I’ve always been very cautious.

Well that’s all I gotta say about that, but with this post being special, like me who is a special kind of special hahahaa it gets two videos:
Twiztid – Nothing To You

Kung Fu Vampire – Knockturnal

That’s all for now,



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