If I Had To….

If someone asked me to send a message to everyone whose met me from the start of my life until time, what would it say. I know there’s people who would do something like this and brag about every little thing that happened to them and etc etc..

If I had to send a message like that to everyone who met me at this point in time it would simply be titled “Let You Down”
I feel like that’s all I do is let people down, they think I’m some great person but I don’t see it. I have never seen that in my entire life, but for some reason others have seen it. It’s always made me scratch my head and wonder but I know I’m the man on the inside looking out, when they’re all on the outside trying to look in.

I don’t know what all the note would say exactly, I don’t know if I would just do up one note to send out to everyone, I guess in one sense I would.  Everyone would get a base note but others would get a “EN” (Extended Note) to describe further on how I feel like I’ve let them down.



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