A Big Change, Coming Soon

I remember saying in a previous blog post that a bunch of changes for me are happening this year, the lovely year of 2018.

Ok so first things first a brief history of myself, I started to write under the name Kennie Kayoz back in 2002, I chose the name because I thought it would suit me because I wrote rather violent back in the day. I also spent a lot of time listening to violent music, well here we are in 2018 and a lot about me has changed. My music tastes has changed, so much so that if someone said that to me back in 2000 or 2002 that my music tastes will change, I would tell them “your fucking crazy”.. But it turns out that it’s true.

So for my next big change which will be happening between now and march is I’m changing the name I use to write under, now what you may not know is that my first name actually is Ken (or some variant of Kennie, Kenny, Kenneth… you get the idea) so that part won’t be changing, however the name Kayoz is definitely being dropped and same with Coyotes Publishing, I’ve had that going since 2002 and it’s about time that I make some changes. I’m not the same man I once was in 2002, back in 2002 I use to be in a very very dark place. I’m happy to say that I’m no longer in that place anymore, I’ve been coming to terms with many things. I’m just going to focus on myself, for some reason when I first started I also decided to write under various names which I admit right now it’s kinda embarrassing and I try not to talk about it and for the most part I hide it and call them “voices in my head” because it was and still is rather embarrassing to think about and to even talk about. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time of writing under other names, but it happened and I haven’t wrote as anyone else since September 2016.

I’ve already started to make changes to get things ready. Once I get things ready and have a site up I’ll be sure to post it here so if anyone of you choose to continue to follow me you may do just that.


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