Short Lived ?

So here I sit, and post on the site that I said I was walking away from. However as I decided to venture out and walk away from all that I created in order to start the creation process once again. I find myself wondering if that shit was short lived…

Was it ?

Well this time around roaming solo, I have carefully decide what site I should be posting on and one of the sites I’m using is no different than what I use to use, but for my distribution site I’ve gone with a completely different site.. But this is where things may turn out to be short lived, I’m in the middle of creating my first release solo and it asked me for my writing name so I gave it, seeing how my writing name is just a first name… Which isn’t a uncommon ground for artists just to use one name (ya know… Cher, Eminem… etc) So it makes me wonder if it will actually accept it or not, I won’t know until I go to push my book out for distribution.

If it requires a last name then my plans end up being short lived, the reason for that is because I never once thought about using a second name, I chose not to use my real last name either because lets face it when you live in a small town it’s very easy to find you… Not that my last name isn’t easy to come across, but I try to use it as little as possible.

So I don’t know if my idea will be lasting long or very short lived, only time will tell, but I do have a fall back plan… If my plan is short lived and I can’t publish with just one name than I will clearly revert back to this site and go about things as if I never ventured off to do my own thing and I will no doubt close up the other site.
At that point I will resubmit it with the newer distribution but through us.

But anyways that’s all I have to say at this point in time.



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