Gaming Habits

Alright so I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember however the last few years I’ve struggled with keeping myself focused and wanting to play video games, I would go long periods of time without playing video games and it wasn’t because I had nothing to play. The problem was when a new game came out like lets say Assassin’s Creed Origins which came out October 27 2017. I would check out the videos and say “ahh that’s awesome, I want that game” but it would take me a year or longer to get it because I would buy up older games of Assassin’s Creed because that’s what I could afford. Plus I would buy up 2-3 different games of Assassins’ Creed at once so it was kind of a nice way to build my library. It wouldn’t cost me a whole lot to do that either which is why I did it, it was cheaper than dropping $80 on a new game.
But in my heart I wanted to play the new one cause that’s what looked cool to me.

This would constantly happen to me, I would get newer games at Christmas time. For example this past Christmas I got: Call Of Duty WW2 and Wolfenstein The New Colossus, I beat COD WW2 in little time and had that listed on my ebay account in about a week after Christmas. Wolfenstein I haven’t touched yet.

But since October of 2017 my gaming habits have increased  because not am I going back and playing games that I wanted to play for so long that I bought digitally and just haven’t touched for years, but I’ve managed to get myself a few newer games as well.
On my birthday my girlfriend bought me Forza Motorsport 7 because it came out a few days before my birthday and I kept talking about thinking about preordering it on facebook. So that really started my gaming habits… I finally had a very very new game to play.. Then at Christmas you read what I got, then my girlfriend of mine gave me a Xbox Gift Card  and with this week Assassin’s Creed Origins being on sale, this allowed me to snag up the game for the expensive price of about $10 .. yup just $10 out of my own pocket.

I know on April 1st my Xbox Gold needs to be renewed but with having a great selection of games at my finger tips already, I don’t see me renewing things because I want to play what I have bought over the years.. I also really don’t play video games online, at first I thought it was a cool concept but with some idiots out there it’s best left alone.

I also have 2-3 xbox cards that will allow me to get online for free for a week or so, which I would like to use as well, I’ll hold onto those for a rainy day.

So that’s my gaming habits and where I stand right now…



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