Kenesis – Redistribution

Well it’s clear to me that currently Bookrix isn’t doing what I need it to do and that’s get me reads, I find that odd because when I distribute things with smashwords it always gets me reads from the start.. I thought I would try something new and clearly that failed.

However I didn’t lose anything, I will simply lick my wounds and try again. Kenesis my first release of 2018 will be redistributed this time through Smashwords.

I will be making this change in the upcoming days. (2-3 days at most)

With that friendly note I have to say, if your a writer and looking to get FREE ebook distribution then choose Smashwords.
Even if you want to make your book 100% free it will not cost you anything.

As per usual I will do up a post when I redistribute my book, time will tell just how much things get looked at..



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