10 Likes By Valentine’s Day

Alright folks so I’m giving you all a challenge, more so giving myself a challenge but if it happens it is all very dependent on you the readers.

So here’s what you have to do, I have to get 10 unique likes on this post, yup this post your reading right now by Valentine’s Day (February 14th) so you got 2 days to do it..

If this post gets those 10 likes then I will release two, yes TWO Valentine’s Poems on the day of Valentine’s..
So why two of them ?
One will be directed at females and one will be directed at males.
Cause lets face it Valentine’s Day is for everyone and everyone should get some sort of love.

So it’s that simple, that’s all you have to do.. this is my VALENTINE’s DAY CHALLENGE.

Let’s see if I will have to answer that call or not…

Time’s ticking folks,



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