Mr. Love Zone – Origin Story..

So about six years ago a new alter-ego / voice in my head was born I named him Mr. Love Zone, well that’s the name that he ended up with… Not the best name that I came up with but the origin story is kinda basic so here it is… I got playing around in paint shop pro and I originally wanted to make one of those hypnotic swirls but I just kept screwing around with it and the logo (top of this post) was created and it kinda looked like a heart to me so no matter what I named the person who used it I felt it had to have the word “zone” after because it kinda looked like something from the twilight zone or something like that..

So there you have it, that’s the origin story of that voice in my head, however he was always my erotic / romantic side when I wrote for the longest time. He would come and go and at times he would stay hidden for long periods of time because writing that way would make me feel rather sad and depressed.

I doubt he’ll end up writing anything else and if I ever did write like that again I would just stick with the Kennie Kayoz name, kinda a one name for everything from now on.



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