Darkside – Update

Since I wrote “The Knife” I’ve been kind of struggling with writing anything else in the realms of dark poetry / prose/ poems … So I think what I’m going to do is take it and put it on hold for now… It’s either that or I’m just going to release it as the 4 page release that it currently is, I haven’t decided. But right now Darkside is currently being placed on hold I have plenty of things in my head to write about but dark stuff isn’t it, that use to be me but it’s not anymore and hasn’t been for a while specially this year it’s been anything but.

However I have had the thought of going back through some of my books and finding some darker material that hasn’t been released and using that just to get the book out but honestly I hate when musical artists do crap like that, but they’ll do a “best of” album with two new tracks.. For me to go back and grab something that’s old that I wrote five or six years ago and slap it into a book now, to me that’s doing the same thing, it’s mixing the old with the new and I know that my old stuff doesn’t compare to my new stuff as I was truly in a different place back then.

So that’s currently where I stand right now in regards to Darkside, although I have noticed some more positive feedback on The Knife, what can I say it has elements in it that are true.  It also has elements in it that are false… Maybe one day I’ll explain that in more detail..

I really like that poem though, called The Knife.. I definitely want to get it distributed so I might just do it as the four page release.. I guess it’s kind of like a EP from an musical artist.

I know I said about doing a book of Haiku’s and I’ve started one and that’s three pages deep at this point, but it’s kinda tough for me to put thoughts of a longer poem into a short poem, as I’ve said I have three pages of them for that release…

Further thought, maybe I’ll do a mini boxset if you will, but instead of full releases it’s short releases I’ll do:
Darkside – dark poetry/prose/poems
Releasing My Inner Dragon – Haiku
plus another short release

That’s another thought I had.

If you have any thoughts, drop me a comment.. I’d like to hear them.



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