4 Book Boxset – Title & Cover

I’ve been thinking for the last few days and even a bit before that about this four book boxset that I plan on releasing and what am I going to do for the cover, I had a few ideas setup but it made it look like a child put it together so I struggled with it, I then had problems with my graphic program and after talking to my girlfriend about it I smartened up and realized that i need to buy that program because I use it a lot and I have to sink the money into it so I can keep my stuff going at the level that it’s going.

So I spent the money and sat at the computer and stared blankly at it and wondered I knew what the title of the book would be but how could I showcase it, I originally was going to take the four covers that I had created for the four separate books and mash them together but then I thought, nope that looks kinda childish so I wanted to do something different.. then it hit me… things had to get put together like a puzzle… that’s when the idea came to me…

So allow me to introduce the title of the upcoming boxet:
Dark Haiku Sex Life

The cover:

I have three puzzle pieces written, I’m working on the fourth, which fourth ??? That’s your own guess.



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