Dark Haiku Sex Life – Rating

Dark-Haiku-Sex-LifeSo with each release I get asked a question “is this for a mature audience ?” I never know how to answer that with some topics I touch because when I use to write it use to have much more swearing than no (which has none) and content use to be different. So initial release I put “mature rating” I contacted my distributor and they told me “if it was a movie would it be rated R or PG13 ?” I reread the book and I thought to myself, it talks about certain things but in no way does it commit to anything.. I have since bumped it back to “no mature rating”

I watch so many movies ratings just become a blur to me and why they’re rated certain things but since over the last few years they have horror movies rated in PG-13 I figure Dark Haiku Sex Life can also fit that category.

– Kennie


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