Inside My Mind

I’ve written many types of stories and poetry since the start and I mainly stick with poetry, although like many writers I have watched a movie and it had given me ideas where I would love to take that idea and expand on it and take it in a little bit of a different direction.

However that brings me to the shady part of things called “Fan Fiction” many publishers don’t like to distribute that sort of thing because it can bring forth lawsuits and it’s like walking on thin ice, since there has been a number of cases documented over the years where fans have been asked to take stuff down and perhaps even taken to court over it. See I had one thought recently which I was seriously going to look into and even write the writer of it if I could and ask permission, the idea I had revolved around Jeepers Creepers, however due to a few articles I’ve read about Victor Salva I will definitely stay away from that I don’t need any of that coming my way and I’m always very very careful whom I deal with and associate with..

I have briefly touched upon the subject in what got called “Erased” I have a section called “House Of Elmer” which is very very ever so lightly touching on the side of fan fiction in one sense… It was inspired from watching Wrong Turn 2, however I did turn and make it my own but that was the most brief that I touched upon.

Always prefer making my own characters, cause fans of certain films are so picky about how one should treat the main character.
As I said I have had another thought but it fell through.

I have had the thought of doing more House Of Elmer, but I haven’t decided to take it beyond a thought. I kind of like the idea at times but at other times it kind of runs dry, which is why it got placed in the “erased” release because the idea ran dry.

Well there ya go, inside workings of my mind…



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