One Of My Biggest Problems…

One of my biggest problems is I get ideas for stories but I have trouble following through with them, I know that’s why I abandoned “House Of Elmer” because I got really deep into it and I really enjoyed writing it then all of a sudden I woke up and was like “Nah I don’t want to write that anymore” I even talked to my girlfriend about it. Who told me if I wasn’t feeling like it then I shouldn’t write about it. It later got placed in a release just to show the world.

I think that’s why I stick with poetry because in short that’s what it is, just short poetry I don’t really have to plan long term and look at a second or third book… I’ve even had ideas for my poetry and you know where they currently are ?… Still floating around in my head making me wonder if I should do them or not..

At times I can write 4-6 bits of poetry a day and as my followers you’ve no doubt seen it, however at times I struggle to get out one or at times my brain feels like mush and I can’t even get one out so I post up just random stuff to let you all have a glimpse into my mind, which honestly I’m surprised I haven’t had anyone leave after getting a look into my mind.

I feel like I struggle with everything including talking and saying what I want to say at times, which is a good thing that I’m not required to do any sort of “press” or “interviews” because I think I would give up on writing or just do it more privately. I don’t really know what .

In fact I struggle daily with the “why did I create a html website ? … Not to mention that I renewed my TLD for another year.. I’m unsure why, it doesn’t get looked at as frequently as this blog.

At times I just like to pour myself out to the blog to a bunch of random strangers plus my girlfriend who does read the blog as well. I would like to say I do it in hopes of getting answers but that’s not really the case, because I don’t get answers.

But that’s enough out of me, for now at least



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