13 Reasons Why – Season 2 – Interesting…

So with hearing all about the series 13 reasons why and it being dubbed as “controversial” cause it talks about self harm and teen suicide I felt the need to check it out. I know my high school life sucked, like really really sucked and I did think about both those things when I was in high school. SO I checked out season one and been eagerly awaiting season two so I googled it to see when it was coming out and I came across an article stating that it has been delayed with an interesting bit of info:

“Millions of children watched; the Google search term for how to commit suicide spiked 26 per cent; and there were news reports of children literally taking their own lives after the series was released.”

I find that rather interesting that a show has that much dynamic to cause that much spike, but I guess it’s the old thing of “putting thoughts into ones heads” and that’s essentially what the show did and it no doubt would have had many people sitting around with there parents and never once had that thought in there head however with that show it put the thought in there head. Which lead to a google search and perhaps the final act…

If that’s what surrounds season one I may not be a network exec but I can already see a reason for not having a season three, let alone if a season two actually does get aired or not. I get the reason for the show if they put it out there they would hope that it would spark the conversation about the subject since the subject has been rather “Taboo” and it’s something that people shy away from it’s kinda like mental health that’s also something that people have been shy about talking.

So I much like many of it’s fans are eagerly awaiting the start of season two. but those are my brief thoughts about it… I shall return later…



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