I’m No Longer Gold

So today is the day that I am no longer on xbox gold, it’s an interesting feeling even though honestly nothing has changed. It just means no weekly sales for me but I have lots of games to play. I actually became Non gold or “silver” (microsoft term) last night at some point in time but with me being in a different time zone than microsoft I didn’t know exactly when things would kick if it was at midnight for me or for them. Plus with us getting hit with some very heavy winds I didn’t want to turn my xbox on last night I wanted to wait until today when things have died down a bunch or so it seems before I turn things on.

I know last night before I shut down I had something like 224 games that I can install that was still apart of my “games I own”. However I know with getting free games each month that I can choose to claim or not I no doubt will see that number drop, I’m kinda interested in seeing what it dropped to.

This morning when I turned on the xbox I had a system update, yea I’m a beta tester… I think I beta test most things for microsoft.. I know I’m a Windows Insider and I guess with being a beta tester for Xbox it means I’m a Xbox Insider too. I haven’t seen any really cool features pop up lately they’re just polishing things right now because the “spring” update is getting released to everyone in the next week or so, which means the latest update I just snagged up (which just finished as I’m typing this) means that it’s just bug fixes.

I thought about making a category for gaming but at this point in time I don’t talk much about it, but who knows I might I haven’t fully decided right now…
Since the Xbox has booted back up lets see what my game count is..

Interesting enough my game count didn’t drop, I find that kinda interesting but I know I have  a few games I’m going to have to uninstall like Destiny which is online only.. I’m sure my count will drop in a few days, no worries I’m not concerned.



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