The past

So it seems I’ve gotten many views as of late, not a whole lot where it’s like “holy shit” but more than usual. So I guess that means that everyone has that one bad relationship. So I’m glad I can write stuff that everyone can relate to..

I know my current girlfriend is very open with me. We’ve talked about so many more things than my ex and it’s just been a short time with her too. I’ve learned much and got to ask questions about stuff that my ex just answered things very simplistically. When I ask a question it’s cause I’m interested and I would like to learn it’s not just asking you a question to fake some sort of interest.
Some guys might do that, but I’m not one of those guys.

I haven’t decided how long my current release will be, current release is called “Long Road To Nowhere” , I think it’s currently 12-13 pages… But I could be wrong… I haven’t decided how long I would like to make it yet.

I haven’t decided if I wanted to write today, cause the last two days we’ve had a ice storm and I’ve watched the lights flicker a few times so I’ve just been trying to keep what I do down to a minimal.



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