Video Games

I use to enjoy playing video games, the last game I played recently was FarCry 4.. I tried dipping myself into Agents Of Mayhem at first I thought it was going to go well but just today I’m having such a hard time playing it..

I guess that’s clear to me that I should take a break from playing video games for a bit. Just having a hard time concentrating on things right now and it makes me wonder if I really want to play them or not. At times I feel like they’re a lot to take in and I have trouble keeping track of what’s going on. So I guess that’s another good reason to take a step back from things.

I dislike feeling like this, I really enjoy playing video games but with me feeling like I have to force myself to play them as of late it tells me I should just take a break. Not sure how long the break will be and right now it doesn’t overly matter to me.
Perhaps I’ll pack my gaming system away for a bit .. I have no idea.

Certain games look good but when I get playing them I sit there and think
“why am I playing this”
“I’m bored of this”
“Yawn, got no interest in this anymore”

As of late the one thing I seem to be doing more than anything else is sleeping.
Maybe that should be my new hobby



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