Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy – Chapter 5

The latest ones I have taken notice of since I continue to spend my time here on earth are the ones who are called “Teenagers” . From what I gather this is a growing process however the latest crop of teenagers I have no idea how they’re going to survive into adults. I think they got manufactured wrong and are clearly missing something.

They appear to like to perform for the camera as it’s called and by that I mean they’re doing a bunch of challenges so that they can be cool with ones who are similar as them, but these other teenagers who they’re trying to impress they will never end up meeting but yet they’re setting out to impress them anyways. They’ve done such stupid things as tie pod challenge and snorting these things called condom’s…  Clearly the elder species who have manufactured these “teenagers” should have used those condoms to protect the world from the dim witted morons that have plagued the future of humanity.

Maybe this is a situation of “survival of the smartest” clearly the smart ones are the ones who aren’t taking part in these challenges and have the brains to pick out what’s right and what’s wrong.
If the future of life is in the hands of these people it makes me wonder what the world is going to be like in the future, or will the world will actually have a future ?.

It truly is a sad state to watch the future of this planet to be doing such dumb things.

~end transmission~


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