You really have to go above and beyond to fit in.
Starting to call yourself bi
Wanting to walk in a gay pride parade.
Just cause the only people who seem to accept you call themselves bi

But you’ve always been a follower, never been one to walk your own path.
Just make up stories to convince yourself otherwise.
Saying that “it’s how I’ve felt all my life”..
But shhh it’s your own secret, cause nobody else believes it.

They could have said anything to you, you’d dive into it.
Saying “that’s me”, it’s like drinking the kool aid
But that’s what you want.
I wonder what else you’ll convince yourself of.

But I see they’re just using you.
It’s just like a soap opera watching you with them.
I bet your friends can say “we were abused as children”
You would hop on board with that one too.

Little rich girl who has never been treated poorly in her life.
Couldn’t handle it if your life went that way.
Your goto move was always “ignore it, maybe it’ll go away”



One thought on “Camouflage

  1. This is a good read, I honestly like how you’ve written this, I am impressed with your style and sincerity. Thank you for sharing this. I am Ragazza, I hope you could also follow my blog page. Thank you so much. 🙂


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