Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy – Chapter 6

One thing I’ve learned about being on this planet is these humans have a complex range of emotions, that isn’t really a bad thing. But it can be difficult while you navigate your way through them. Certain things that happen you want to be there with the person and help them out however knowing the humans like I’ve studied you might be able to calm down the outside but the brain will always be going at a rapid succession.

That’s one thing that you can’t really calm down, you can just lend your support. No matter if it’s a support shoulder for them to cry on, a support ear to just sit and listen them get everything off there chest or a support sausage for…. nevermind about that one.

When certain things in life happen, these complex emotions truly do come into play and you always try your best to show your support for the person that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

During my time on this planet I have seen myself go through a wide complex range of emotion and I’m not saying I am a expert on navigating through them but I always give my 100% focus to that person when we talk because to me that’s the best thing that one can do. I don’t like giving a person space I know to some they might say that’s wrong however I believe in being there for the person as much as I can.

When a person is alone at times that can be bad, very bad.  My father has said many time to me “You never know what goes on behind closed doors” … by that he meant “You never know what is going on in a person’s mind” and that’s very true.

Well that ends my transmission on the complex emotions that these humans go through, I think I could write 101 pages and still be missing things..

~end transmission~


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