Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy – Chapter 7

Over the countless years I’ve spent watching the species known as humans many things still confuse me, however one of which are these things called thunderstorms. It involves a mix of thunder, lightning and rain… However the mix of thunder and lightning make me think I’m back on my home planet during the troubled times when we were battling other planets.

I keep wanting to run out and attack things in the sky and things on the ground however the problem is nothing is in the sky nor on the ground that’s any different, it’s almost like we’re being attacked by these little “drops of rain” that come falling down hit the ground and die, I don’t know what good they would do in those regards because when it comes down to it, it’s rather a ineffective strategy and it seems to do nothing, however the sounds alone are enough to make one definitely thing the end of this planet is coming. I wonder what would happen then.

However certain things happen during these storms that are rather nice, it produces nice smells and the storms in my eyes are pleasant to watch knowing that we’re not under attack or have to worry about being invaded by a near by planet. It’s always tough telling your fellow beings that you were being attacked by those from Uranus for some reason I can never keep a straight face when I say that. However when it comes to anything about that planet I tend to giggle like what one would call a “child” I have no idea why, perhaps saying stuff like:
“We destroyed Uranus”
“We exhausted our resources all over Uranus”
Other beings tend to find funny.

But since as I type and about to send this transmission that I have been warned that one of these thunderstorms are inbound so it’s best to keep an eye out since one never knows how bad they might be.

~transmission complete~


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