Damage Is Done

Your words have been spoken.
They were like salt into fresh wounds.
The nice guy in me seen what you mean.
Seen the other side of you.

There’s no turning back now.
You can try to make it up with buying dinner.
I won’t touch that food, you can’t repair the damage.
You can try to buy gifts, won’t touch them either.

Nothing you can possibly do will ever change my mind about you.
I want you furthest from me, I’m tired of seeing you.
Your communication with me is already limited.
It will become even more sparse.

Your now using your body to get what you want from others.
The worse kind of female, one who has no self respect.
Once your out of this house, you will be an after thought.
No longer have to think about you, or answer for you.

You still seem like you walk around here without a care in the world.
But knowing that you have two major stresses, may get hit with two major bills.
That would completely screw you over, then being asked to leave on top of all that.
You made that bed though, so you’ll have to lay in it.

Maybe one of your “friends” can save you, but your just a snake
Sooner than later they will see you what you really are for.
I know once you leave this house your going to get used and abused.
But I guess that’s what you really want.

More and more I’ve noticed that something wasn’t right with you.
But that’s fine, someone else can have you.. I’m done.
This nice guy can finish last.
This nice guy can finish dead.

I will at least say that I tried to do good in this world.
But the one that I tried to help for the last few years kept treating me like garbage.
I have learned from my mistake, if it happened again you shall see what loneliness is.
Nope I won’t talk to the fire fighters, I won’t sit at the hospital with you.

You can later bitch at your friends how I wasn’t there for you.
One can only imagine the shit you say about me already.
I gave up caring after that day, I don’t need you in my life.
But you seem to say you feel unwanted around here.

Isn’t that enough motivation to move out
I doubt it, you don’t seem to get it, but within the next few days
You will get it.
I bet if the shoe was on the other foot, you would have me homeless already.

I doubt I would get a month from you, let alone seven.
Knowing I’ve been more than fair
Knowing you’ve been more than sour



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