Nothing More

Not eating like I use to.
Food doesn’t seem to have that affect on me.
No longer do I smell and stomach growls.

Been watching more movies than usual
Spending more time in bed.
Under the cover of darkness.

My mind still roams
I still get ideas to write.
The encouragement to do so is fading.

It doesn’t bring me the same joy it once did.
The ability to vent my frustrations
It just seems to stay with me even more.

As I continue to spend more time in bed.
Watching movies that I haven’t watched in a long time.
At times the tablet isn’t even turned on

I just lay letting my mind go blank.
Not having to think about much.
The world moves on without me.

As it should, would never ask anyone to stop it.
Everyone has there own thing that they have.

At times I sit in the darkness
It’s what I’m use to.
No matter if eyes open or closed.

Music or not, tablet or not.

I forget what day it is sometimes.
They all kind of drift together.
Continue as they must.

Sometimes I go outside to feel the warmth
Other times I stay in the basement where it’s colder and dark.
I use to write a bit on my facebook wall.

That became dangerous, people asked too many questions.
I don’t talk to many about what’s going on.
In my mind it’s safer that way.

No matter what I do
No matter what I say
I will always be

Nothing more



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