Why Is It ?

Why is it that I have trouble speaking my mind
At times when I want to say something I end up shaking instead.
Not many people seem to notice me shaking when it happens
But it’s very very noticeable

At times I wish I had more courage to speak my mind
Say what I want to say in voice rather than text
But I don’t see that ever happening
Not now, not ever

Growing up every time I tried to speak my mind I would get yelled at.
Almost like I wasn’t suppose to have my own thoughts
I had to think the same as my parents
Anything different was wrong

I still have problems overcoming this
Still shake at times a lot, other times not so much.
I don’t think I will be able to overcome this entirely

Thinking it’s always going to be apart of my life.
Another one of those traits that I have to live with
That I have no control over.

It’s always difficult meeting new people.
I can’t control me shaking, all the time.
But I know people look at me like there’s something wrong with me.
I can’t stop it when it starts.

To be honest it frustrates me
How could it not
I feel like in a sense it’s a disability
People see it and think something is wrong



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