In The Past

It’s amazing how my mind thinks, in the past whenever I thought about writing as one of my other names or as I have recently called them “voices in my head” I always felt that they had to have a completely different persona and a different look, perhaps a mask or something like that or a different way of writing.

Now here I am sitting here and I haven’t written as one of the voices in my head for a while, the thought has came to mind don’t get me wrong but it just becomes too exhausting when I think about it because I have the habit of wanting to change up the look of them so that I can give them a website and all that fun stuff for people to learn about however the last few nights I’ve laid around thinking about writing as one of the voices in my head but honestly it’s just way too much work for how I use to do it, that and my girlfriend keeps complimenting how I look and she hates when I wear anything to cover up my face or any other part of me.. Relax I’m not naked typing this, I just no longer get the feeling of wanting to cover myself up in various ways.

I have thought about writing but honestly I don’t know. I do get the odd idea that I have thought about expanding on however I always want to do things a certain way like having graphics, like if I did a superhero book I would want to create the superhero and I just don’t know if I want to do that sort of thing. I’ve always had this idea of a “text superhero book” where it’s not really like a comic because I can’t draw but doing everything in text form but honestly I don’t know if I would be able to sit down and figure things out, or maybe I would… I honestly don’t know. I have had lots of thoughts cause I have one or two friends that also write and I have glanced at there stuff to see what they do and at times they use to try and post graphics of characters but I think after a while they just got to the point of saying “the story is more important”.

Another reason why I don’t think I’ve done it recently is because I feel like I’m constantly rushed when I get on the computer, I know right now I do because I just heard my Mom say “yup there’s the thunder” as we’re expecting thunderstorms today so I try not to get into anything that I can’t quickly finish and exit just in case things get bad or if I see the lights flicker

So there ya go, a somewhat of a inside look of what’s been going through my head recently… Maybe some of this will happen, maybe it won’t.. right now, I don’t know.



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