Dare Part 2 ???

DareBack in 2016 .. September 6th 2016 to be exact, I dropped Dare onto this world which later became a series called Moist.
The last two nights I’ve been laying in bed thinking and letting my mind wonder, and where does it wonder ?.. To the erotic/erotica side of my brain and I can’t help but think about writing a sequel to Dare.. Have had many thoughts about it and I know the initial release was done as the voice in my head known as Mr. Love Zone who for 99% of my erotica became the man in the spotlight. However I have basically walked away from using other names for the voices in my head over the last year as I’ve just been writing as one name.. So naturally this would also be under the one name as well.

But yes I have thought about a sequel, I have the thoughts in my head for it, I don’t know how well it would go over because of the way I would write it….

I know your no doubt wondering “how would you write it ?”
I would write it in terms of a game, it would be something that you could do with the one you love. But I think it might confuse people, so I haven’t fully decided to do it, or not to do it.

But I wanted to do a post about it and basically see what kind of feedback I get. It might happen, who knows.. Like I said above it’s a thought..



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