The Car

You walk out to your car, climb in and sit down. Getting prepared to go out for a shopping trip, you feel my hand gently on your thigh giving it a little squeeze, it’s been a while since you felt that. My hand softly goes up your thigh touching the edge of your shorts as it sneaks it’s way up the leg of your shorts but it doesn’t go too far. Two fingers touch your panties, rubbing my fingers against them softly but enough for you to know my fingers are there. You bite your lip as you sit in your driveway, reaching down to make it stop I grab your hand and place it on the steering wheel. I tell you that it’s time for us to go.

I see you gripping the steering wheel a bit harder, i pull my hand back out giving your thigh another squeeze. You start your car and we begin our way to town.
From time to time during the drive you feel my hand on your thigh giving it a little squeeze or my fingers gently dancing on it.

Once we get into town it begins raining, you look at me and say “this isn’t good, I’m in a white shirt when it gets wet it’ll be see through” I make the suggestion we sit in the car for a bit to see if the rain lets up.. As the rain continues to fall and we watch people rush out to there cars running to try and stay as dry as possible, I place my hand on your thigh again and I begin to slide it up the leg of your shorts once again enough to tickle it against your panties making sure you can feel my fingers. You grip the steering wheel again and look at me asking me “please stop” I ask you but why and you reply with “what if someone sees us” I reply with “Isn’t that half of the excitement ?, you continue to get wetter and nobody knows”.

My fingers slide behind your panties touching your pussy as I notice that you freshly shaved it, I caress it and do circles around your lips sometimes just gently touching your lips. You continue to grow wetter. I press your panties against the wetness, and rubbing it making sure they get a nice wet mark.
I gently pinch your clit and roll it between my finger and thumb you bite your lip with enjoyment once again gripping the steering wheel, while you tell me that your so very wet.

At that moment I take my hand out of your shorts and tell you it’s time for us to go shopping, you look at me and say “but I’m so wet, I feel like I’m dripping or I’m very close to it” I look at you still with my hand on your thigh.. “Good, that’s where I want you to be, because right now that tight pussy of yours is very sensative and every little thing no matter if it’s your clothing rubbing against it or a cold breeze you will definately feel it more than usual and this is how you need to be right now.



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