Middle Of The Night

After a long day you finally made it to the bedroom got changed and crawled into bed for some much needed shut eye you get under your covers and you fall asleep almost instantly, of course finding it warm during the night you end up pulling the covers off you as you lay wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Your room is so dark you couldn’t see your own hand infront of your face. While laying there in a deep sleep you feel a light tickle on your thigh as if someone runs there hand down it. You don’t think much about it, you feel it again this time it brings you out of sleep to the point where your just barely awake and not sure if you can make sense of what’s going on.

You then feel the hand slide up your thigh and under your shorts caressing your tight pussy, it begins to get wet. You squirm to try and get away from it but almost instantly you after that you feel two hands pulling your shorts completely off your body, you goto reach down when you feel someone’s hand grabbing both your wrists with one hand and you finally hear him speak as he whispers in your ear “I’ve been watching you for so long, now it’s time to make you mine” … You whisper back “please let me go” .. You feel a cock rub against your pussy a few times then before you could say another word it plunges itself deep inside, you feel your tight pussy stretch around his cock as you bite your lip and let out a moan at the sametime. You feel every single vein in his cock rubbing the inside of your pussy, he slowly begins to pull out, then he slides himself back in. You feel every thing as your juices begin to flow out of your pussy and they begin to glisten his cock as he continues to slide himself in and out slowly.

The next thing you feel is him pushing your shirt up revealing your breasts, not soon after his lips kissing your breasts and his tongue flicking against your nipples You let out a moan “OMG it’s in me so deep I think I can feel it in my stomach” he slowly pulls out yet again while he licks your nipples. Slapping his cock against your pussy when it’s finally out and while he continues to hold your arms he gets off the bed, rubbing his cock against your lips as you open your mouth to speak it plunges in, you can feel it in your throat as he slides it in and out.

He then helps you out of bed and walks you not far away from it where he turns you around and slowly helps you sit on a chair, but as you begin to sit on the chair you notice that it’s not just a chair but it has a dildo on it as it’s so easily sliding itself into your pussy, it stretches you just as much as his cock did, he goes back to plunging his cock in your mouth again before stopping as you feel like you’ve left a puddle on the chair, before you hear a click. Not long after you feel the very tip of that dildo vibrating, almost like a soft buzz as you feel like your insides are going numb while it’s making you get wetter and wetter. You hear another click and you feel the shaft begin to vibrate a heavier buzz but also you notice about it retracting and growing again, almost like it’s thrusting itself into you, each one of the veins on the dildo begin to pulsate with vibrations.. Your body can’t contain itself it’s almost like three different vibrators at once. It continues to thrust itself in and out of you, you begin to moan soft at first but louder and louder as time goes on, you have tried to fight it this far but the fight is now over as you finally have an orgasm not long after a second one occurs you beg for it to stop but it doesn’t by the fourth orgasm that you have you find that your so wet that you slide off the dildo and fall to the ground, your legs twitching. You blackout from the excitement.

When you come to in the morning you realize that your laying naked near a very large window where all your neighbors can easily see you and many of them are looking at you, you wonder if it was all a dream the night before or was it a nightmare. Did you just put on a show for your neighbors allowing them to watch you have multiple orgasms until you pass out or is there something else going on



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