On a rather warm day your laying on the bed, trying to stay cool as well as relax while you let your mind float above in the clouds.

As you lay on your stomach arms stretched out above you, the next thing you know is you see complete darkness, you can tell that something is covering your eyes, fabric. As you reach up to touch it someone grabs your hands holding them against the bed you hear the familiar clicking sound of what appears to be handcuffs. You say “whose there ?” “talk to me” but your not replied to.

You try to lift your hands up again to your face and you notice that you now have limited mobility as the handcuffs appear to be tied to something since you can’t touch your own face.

You feel the bed sink as if someone is climbing on it you say again “whose there ?” “talk to me” “what are you doing to me ?” the next thing you feel is someone straddling you forcing your shirt up to your shoulders, you feel your bra being undone and pulled up as your breasts become free as they press against the bed. You feel two hands one groping either breast from each side of your body, they pinch your nipples soft at first but the pinch gets stronger and stronger. As the hands gently caress you and run down your body to your waist, you feel the hands and arms wrap around you pulling you up to your knees. As quick as you get situated your pants and panties get pulled down pulling them down to your ankles exposing your entire naked body.

You then begin to feel kisses down your body starting wtih at your neck and working down your spine, you once again get vocal “whose there ?” “talk to me” “what are you doing to me ?”.. Once again the sound of your voice falls silent to a answer, you feel your pants and panties get completely pulled off your body followed by your legs getting spread apart exposing your freshly shaved pussy, a hand reaches down and caresses your pussy lips massaging it with fingers you bite your lip letting out a very soft moan unexpectedly followed by saying “what are you doing to me ?”
You continue to feel the fingers massaging your pussy as you get more and more aroused, as the juices begin to flow and it becomes very apparent that you are turned on.

Suddenly you feel the hand stop massaging your pussy lips and you feel the hands turning you over so your on your back, showcasing your entire naked body for all to see.
Before you know what’s going on you feel fingers massaging your pussy again then they stopped feeling the hands spreading your legs wider you then feel a tongue dancing on your pussy, spreading it’s lips so it can slide inside then it licks your clit and dances itself on that massaging it. Once again you begin to moan, your nipples stand erect, in between moans your voice trembles as you speak “please, why are you doing this to me ?” … “please stop”

The tongue dancing stops, you then feel your nipples getting licked, finding that very arousing more than usual you bite your lip again. You feel the bed shift as you open your mouth to speak again but then a cock gets shoved in your mouth as he slides it in and out of your mouth for a few thrusts you feel it growing stiffer and longer as he continues to thrust his cock into your mouth, while doing so you begin to feel fingers once again dancing on your pussy as you have the cock thrusting inside of your mouth the fingers then slide deep into your tight pussy you let out a moan as you feel them plunge in, as his cock thrusts in you can feel his fingers slide out, as his cock pulls out you can feel his fingers slide in.. Your body is just filling with desire and all sorts of new feelings.

Before you could even wonder how long your body could go on feeling these feelings you begin to moan like your trying to say something, he pulls his cock out of your mouth and the words that escape your mouth are “OMG, I’m going to cum” As you feel the fingers slide out of you but spreading your pussy lips and keeping them open you let out a loud moan.

An hour later you open your eyes, find yourself laying in bed, wondering if what happened was real you look down and see yourself naked but your hands are free. You move your legs and notice a very very big wet spot on your bed, asking yourself “did you cum that much in the dream ?” you lift your arms seeing a pair of handcuffs hanging off of one of your arms. A smile crawls across your face.



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