I feel like my brain is plagued with sadness
At times I don’t know if it’s flooding my brain more
Or if it’s just leaving me confused

I’ve spent days just looking at the wall
Wondering when this day will be over
Just to crawl back into bed

Even days that I know I’m having trouble sleeping
I try to fill my mind with happier thoughts
At times it doesn’t work, the sadness just comes in.

I feel like I’m being chased by it.
But I keep tripping up
So it always seems to find it’s way to catch me.

The endless cycle that it is, is there no way around it.
Is it like a video game where I am missing a secret entrance.
Maybe this is what my life has become

Me drowning an endless ocean of sadness.
Always being pulled under
Will I ever be able to breathe

Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life
At times I think it is.
Always what I’ve wanted

Maybe one day, someone will save me.
Being able to pull me from it
To show me the better side of life.



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