Coming Back Down

I’m not coming back down from this.
Brain is firing like a mad scientist.
I can feel the electricity flowing through my brain
Don’t remember yelling throw the switch

But clearly it happened, my brain is fuckin over flowing
With ideas, not sure if I can contain them all
But they all shall be written
So it’ll be written, so it’ll be told

I’m tired of people and dealing with them all
Just going to be rolling solo
Clearly that’s how I was meant to be
Don’t care anymore, just like how people look at me

They don’t care about me, so why should I care about them
I bet I won’t hear from people cause everything is one sided
Should have known that from minute one
The way things started I thought they were different

Facing uphill battles, tired of arguments
Tired of making plans and finding I’m sitting solo
Don’t care anymore, fuck it all
Never was any good making friends

So why bother worrying about that shit from now on
I don’t have to worry about anyone but me
Many ideas I have had for myself already
Who knows where I will start

The brain is creating so much energy
Just don’t care
The best thing I can do
Clearly I’m the worse thing for you

Worse thing for everyone
Nobody should have to make time for this
Nobody has, nobody will, nobody can
It’s fine, that’s what everyone wants.

Keep checking the front window like a lost soul
Waiting to be found, to be accepted
No acceptance for this man.
Never has been, never will be.

Let me sit in the darkness
Let the quietness wash over me
Please, I can’t fucking wait
No longer having to worry, or wait, or get my hopes up

Wish you would have told me I’m a inconveince
But it doesn’t matter
I doubt I’ll hear from you, it is what you want

In your mind your going to tell yourself that I didn’t want you
Clearly that shows it was one sided
Tried to be there for you, it failed
Oh well… You didn’t want me anyways



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