Blood Drips

It’s time to drain you of your life force
You never did deserve for your heart to keep beating
As you walk this planet slowly but your mind keeps retreating.
Trying to lie in order to get through life

Thinking that you had me fooled.
For years I would call you my wife
One night I really did open my eyes and seen the real you.
A demon spirit that should be banished back to hell

I know you continue to be up to your old tricks
But in the end your just going to get stuffed with diseased dicks
They see you as nothing more than meat
In the end you will end up on the street

Can see your future now.
Used and abused since you’ve always lived a sheltered life
Come crawling back to me, that door shall be closed.
You continue to take advantage of my nice ways

Another demon in my life that I shall slay
Once I’m done with you
Hung is what you’ll be
In my butcher shop.

An after thought in my life
A cautionary tale for what you have done.
I see it in your eyes, you think this is all fun.
Telling all that I’m the worse on the planet



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