Little Do You Know

Little do you know, while your gabbing with friends
I’m getting your bags packed and getting you ready for your end
Of your time in this house.
Your entire life line is in my hands

I’ve got your whole world in my hands
I’ve got your whole world in my hands

Now you need surgery we shall see how ungrateful you are
I’ve gotten to my wits end with things
Like you I can hide shit too
But I only have one move left.

Your friends, I ain’t scared of them
Nor do I give a fuck about there threats toward me.
Bunch of fuckin wannabe’s, who are scared to grow a pair.
If they thought I was that evil, they should have stepped in to move you out.

But they just want to use your pussy to turn you out
Get that on video tape then hold it over your head
That’s all they ever wanted from you
Knowing that you were that dumb and easy.

Being played like a fiddle by those who say they’re here for you.
They only want to get you in bed
Then you’ll be an after thought, tossed aside.

But right now they got you swimming in thoughts
Of a paradise that awaits you once you get out of this house
So your biting your tongue so I don’t hear the real you
I already know what your up to.

Your on thin ice as it is.
I told you, that you could be here while you recover
What I didn’t tell you is I’ll be like security and always hover.
As if I need another reason to send you out the front door.



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