If I Had The Chance

If I had the chance I would have changed that day for you
That faithful day back in December of 2005
You kissed your husband for the last time the night before

He got up, went to work and you never seen him again
You got tragic news about his passing.
If I could have swapped places with him I would have.

Let him keep living and I can fade out of everyone’s memory
Never really thought myself as much, more of an after thought really
Don’t think many would have cared.

I bet it would have been a decade before people start to miss me
Even then I doubt people would have really missed me
Perhaps that would make your life the picturesque life you want.

Always saying that everything happens to you
I just sit back and watch, I know I can’t do anything about it
One can’t predict what’s going to happen tomorrow

All we can do is see what unfolds
An accident happened that day, but that’s what it was, a accident.
He done that trip thousands of times, and it was fine

One day he did it and one thing changed
Since then our lives were changed forever we just didn’t know
If I had my chance I would have swapped me for him

I’ll be the one that nobody goes to visit
I wouldn’t even worry if anyone thought about me



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