One Way

We all have our own thoughts on what would make a perfect society
No matter one’s up bringing we all have our own thoughts for it.
I don’t think either one of us is 100% right, nor 100% wrong.

We all hold pieces to the puzzle to make a perfect society
Even Hitler thought his idea for society was perfect, we looked at him as crazy.
Saddam was no different, we looked at him the same way.

Every group known to mankind has there own reflection of perfection.
I don’t think anyone is 100% right, nor 100% wrong
Until we all can figure out what the right way is, we will all struggle.

Each of us will have small struggles, the world will have large struggles.
Each country thinks they’re doing it right, each country has there own wrongs
Currently the way society is projected, is being forced upon each and everyone

We all have rules and regulations to live by, some we agree some we don’t.
I’m not saying that we’re 100% right, nor 100% wrong
But it will take a larger group for a change to happen.

I’m not talking a large group of people with weapons, that’s called a war.
Sadly I don’t think this planet will survive another war on the world sized scale
Think it would all come down to a push of a button, BOOM! that’s all, nothing left.

The way the world is going in this day in age, we have lots of little wars.
So many shootings in so many communities, nobody knows what’s going on.
How many innocent victims have we lost ?. Being at the wrong place, wrong time.

How many lives ruined, how many families shattered, how many questions asked ?
Yet we still have no answers
I look at the younger generation that’s growing up, I don’t know if I agree with things

Not sure if they’re being raised right, or wrong.
Will they even have a world to live in when they hit late 30s ?
I don’t know what my future will hold

At times I wonder if I’ll even be around to grow old



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