Keep Acting Friendly, But I See Your Horns

Trying to show the kitty’s love like you use to
Talking to them when you see them
Trying to entertain them

But your the one who is splitting up the family
Your the one who is taking them away from me
You have always done the same shit with me, you and Dad

Yelled at me and give me shit then thirty seconds later tried to act like your my best friend
But to the two of you it was all a game
No wonder I grew up to be this way and having issues with people

Always had trouble making friends
Had trouble expressing myself to people
Still hiding in the dark not wanting to come to light

I know why you have no friends, why would anyone want to be your friend
You are a true definition of a user of people, you deny it, but it’s easy to see.
Everyone runs from you once they notice it.

Once it becomes apparent they run, for good reason too.
I can’t say I blame them
If I had a place to run to, I would, I wouldn’t look back

You keep saying you have to do everything yourself
Keep telling yourself that, it’ll become a reality soon enough
Specially if you keep treating me like shit, hopefully I’m taken away

In one way or another, death or run away.
At times I don’t care which one comes true
You can then claim that you were meant to be alone

Keep singing the same ole song
Nobody wants to hear it
Nobody is listening

We have heard it all before
But we have seen behind the curtain
It’s no doubt what’s best.



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