Slit My Wrist, Get To Heaven

If I slit my wrist and bleed out all my life force, can I get to heaven
To be with the rest of my family, or will they look down on me too
Am I best to go down to hell where I don’t think any of them are.

I’m tired of living on this planet
When this planet is tired of me
It’s just one hardship followed by another

I don’t want to watch my furry friends leave
They help make me happy, they make me giggle
Since you told me your getting them taken away

I’ve had many dark thoughts go through my head
Of me not wanting to be here anymore
Not sure if it means running away or not living

I don’t think my mind connected that yet
It’s one of many missing puzzle pieces in my mind
I wonder if any of them will ever connect in my brain

Even if I could take my own life and goto heaven
I would just be with more people who don’t want to be around me
I don’t think anyone who have passed would want to see me again

Or maybe they went to hell, one never knows
I have often wondered that, where did these people go
Or are they floating here with us, on the other side

Like a two sided mirror, they can see us but we can’t see them
I wonder if that’s what the after life is like.
I don’t think I would want to see this side again

Unless I die before a few people, then I would try to watch out for them
I wonder if I would have the option of turning that off
*sales man voice* “Bored of the living, turn it off today” sort of idea



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