You Took It Away

I was starting to see one thing that made me want to live here
They were cute with four paws, I loved playing with them
Petting them, watching them run around and grow

But you took that away from me
Just like an old poem I did called hitler mom
Everything has to be your way, unless you benefit from it you don’t want it

No wonder your kids are the way they are.
All you do is looking for everything you can profit off
Your a user of people, when you don’t get what you want you throw a fit

Growing up, I wished I never became like Dad so I quit drinking.
If I ever turn out like either of you I want to take my own life
The world doesn’t need another one of you, I’m surprise your boyfriend sticks around

I don’t know how in the fucking world he does it
Watching from a distance how you treat him
You don’t know the first thing about a relationship

Yet you tried and still try to give me relationship advice all these years
I laughed at it when you did, you always thought the man should do more for the woman
Your sisters seem to think that too and everyone who drinks your kool aid

Anyone who buys into your bullshit and becomes your yes person
Relationships have to be 50/50, if anyone is trying to tell you differently
They want to profit off of it, in some way shape or form

They are the ones who feel they need to profit more than just having someone
I can’t stand those people, trying to take advantage of someone else



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