Another Day, Another Shitty Mood

I’m tired of living in this house with her. For the last two days I’ve been in shitty moods, sick to my stomach and not wanting to live or get out of bed. Every fucking choice in this house is made because that’s what “she wants” and it’s either “her way” or “her way”.

I’ve spent a lot of the time over the last two days in tears, feeling sick to my stomach and not wanting to get out of bed. I also feel like I’m being forced to do things that I don’t want to do because it’s what she wants…

More and more I’ve always seen why my brother and sister has moved out of the house, my brother has  been drinking more and more over the years I get the impression that it’s to drown out mom’s voice in my brothers head since even he sees that everything has to be her way.

I think at times he’s still surprised that I’m alive because he no doubt figures I would have ran away or taken my own life because of how Mom is, even though I don’t think he would come out and say it. But I think if I did either he wouldn’t be surprised by either outcome.

She keeps trying to drag me to the cottage, I keep refusing I hate where I live I find it too fucking secluded and the cottage is even more so plus it has no internet so I think I would loose my mind being up there with her. (sarcasm starts) but it’s ok because she’s willing to put me to work, so I can serve drinks to her, her boyfriend and her sister and do everything else around so I won’t get bored (sarcasm ends)

Well I’m going to toss on a movie, right now I feel like horror and I finally got my hands on Strangers Pray At Night, I seen the first Strangers movie from a number of years back and wanted to see the sequel to this so here goes nothing if your interested in a trailer



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