One Day

One day my life will get better
I won’t have to put up with the things that I do
I’ll have constant happiness in my life with every sunrise and sunset

Or that’s what I keep telling myself, at times I look into the future and see it bright
Other times it looks like a train tunnel, lots of darkness before the light
All I can do is try to keep moving forward as much as I don’t like certain things

Wishing I could change various things in my life right now, but I have my doubts
That a change is in the hand that I’ve been given, looking around me and seeing it
I’ve tried to change the inside, looking for peace and happiness

It lead me to anti-depressants for several months, talked to a psychiatrist
Idiot didn’t know what I was talking about, seemed like he was fresh off the boat
I explained things the best I could, he didn’t understand.. Damn city folk

They’ve always had access to more things than everyone else, we’re always lagging



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