Feeling Nothing

Even though the worlds around me, I feel lonely
Even though the world has found me, it can drown me.

Sitting here feeling alone as I stare out the window watching others walk by
It makes me wonder as if I’m missing out on something great
So I step outside and look around, I see nothing.

I enter back into my house once again feeling bored and incomplete as I sit
Starring at the wall in complete silence watching my life tick away before me
Nothing appears to be going on with me and nothing.

In my head I’ve decided to walk away from the computer and devices
It might last for a few hours before I cave and jump on one of them
My life is built in a world of zeros and ones.

At times I wonder if I’m just a hologram of myself cause my real self is that boring
I then blink and come to as I look around the room nobody is around, it’s me all alone
Still sitting looking at the wall trying to figure out what I’m suppose to do today

The phone remains silent, my devices turned off trying to find something better
Knowing that on the inside I’m trying not to cave, but I feel my walls shaking
Will it happen now or in a few moments from now

I continue to sit looking at the wall as I try and figure out what am I going to do
Living in the middle of no where I know I have no options, can’t really walk anywhere
I continue to sit, my life passes before me, but my life ain’t that great anyway

Wondering if I should get up and do something I notice it’s now dark outside
I’ve spent my entire day sitting and doing nothing avoiding the devices I’m hooked to
Not knowing what else to do I decide to head to bed, tossing on the tv

I lay in bed as the screen flicker with what the random choice of the moment was
My eyes begin to get heavy, I don’t look forward to the next day
Cause I know, I’ll be doing it all over again.



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