Little Man

Here I was thinking that you were some sort of threat.
You sent my girlfriend a dick pick and the truth came out.
Can’t be blaming that shit on cold water either

You made her laugh and question how many people fake it with you
To compare you to me, your a vienna sausage I’m sporting a frankfurter
All of a sudden I start feeling sorry for your own girlfriend

Not sure how she can really enjoy herself with something that small
You act like it’s hanging to your knees
I’ve always heard the biggest dicks are usually sporting the smallest

That truly is the case with you
Yet here you are trying to cheat on your girlfriend with mine
Little do you know that she tells me everything you say

At first it really bothered me, but I’ve quickly grown tired of you
I know she won’t do anything with you
Although you may want to watch yourself, your girlfriend may find out

Judging by your recent actions that tells me that she’s suspicious of something
I can’t wait till she uncovers your secret, can’t really say big secret it’s sad really
I’ve asked my girlfriend if I could meet you.

She’s hesitant about it
She’s nervous about my reaction when I meet you
She has nothing to worry about

I already know what kind of guy you are, if you meet me, you’ll talk shit about me
Put me down every chance you get, question why does she love me
I’m OK with that, your already so low on the food chain, you can’t get any lower
Or can you ?



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