How I Am

I’ve never been the most fun to be around.
Always keeping to myself, even when I was in high school.
Use to bury my nose in the sports section, studying stats, scores and transactions

Some thought I must have been uber smart, always got D’s in high school
My girlfriend is sporting four of those so not much has changed there
The quietness is still a big part of my life, spending much of my time not saying much.

Depending on who I’m around will reflect my levels of talkative.
At times I just let the music drift me off to another place, filling my head.
With different ways to say things, piecing thoughts together like a puzzle

Different word patterns open my eyes
Everyone speaks differently, everyone writes differently
I find myself studying it.

Spending much time alone, at times it bothers me.
As of late I’m getting used to it, not sure if that’s a bad thing

At times I question if my heart is in the right place
I also question if that’s a good thing or a bad thing
Am I doing too much for the wrong people, too little for the right

At times I get addicted to messenger
Other times I wonder if it’s right for me
I tend to question most things in my life more than once

Could be why it takes me so long to do anything I think about
As I sit here writing, I’m still debating about doing things from a month ago
Do I want to spend the money and try it out, or just pass and see what’s next

No idea where my brain will take me tomorrow
Nor do I know where it will take me the next day
I don’t plan on writing at anytime, it’s all spontanious

This is how I am
Hate me or love me



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