New Release Soon ?!?!

Alright so I’ve been working on a new release for a short bit, this is non poetry related but I’m not going to go into what this release is about right now, I will when I release it.. I feel that the release is done, it’s kind of a personal thing… Anyways so what’s holding it up you ask ? … Normally I submit everything in simple text format and let my distributor (smashwords) convert that to everyway possible, well the last two books I tried to release I ran into a few issues when converting to the lovely epub format. For some reason my stuff doesn’t “clear customs” I guess that’s the best way to put it. One of the books I had trouble getting out was “Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy” so I recently created it in epub format and sent it to my distributor, I can’t say if this will make my life easier or more complicated but it’s something I’m going to try if things go without problems them it very well will make my life more easier and that’s currently what I’m looking for and that will be how I will be releasing my stuff from now on through my distributor, but I know this can completely fuck up a few people since I don’t know if it will be put out in different formats or not.. I have two books I want to put out with Smashwords before I get to my non poetry release…

Why two books ? that’s a great question the long and the skinny of it is this.. Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy was once put out through smashwords but then I added to it and that’s where I ran into problems so that’s the first thing I’ll be putting out in epub format to see how easy it gets to go through all the proper channels before it gets sent out for distribution however the numbers on the book for downloading won’t really reflect anything because unless it’s a huge uptick I won’t really know if anyone will read it or not. So my second book that I’m putting out with smashwords called “Internal Screams” which I did put out before with another distributor but decided to pull it and go back to smashwords, that will be the true test of how many potential reads I will get by using the epub format, I know the average read count I get when I do everything in just plain text format so I want to make sure this will be the best format for me or am I making a big mistake ?

So that’s the long and the skinny of it in general and I will keep you all informed about how everything goes for my two releases before I get to my non poetry release..

While I’m on that subject and I’m sure many of you want to know what the deal is and what am I writing about now.. let me explain… My non poetry release is called “Seeking A Friend”
The idea to write it kinda came from a movie called “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World”.. where one guy starts looking for a friend to spend the rest of his life with until the world ends since in the movie I believe it said the world would end in about three weeks, so the pressure is on for him to find this friend… Well I’ve always had trouble making friends and seeing how certain things I write have touched various of my readers I wanted to some what share my story of how difficult it has been for me making friends even when I’m young and how it’s kind of drilled into you when your young that it’s importance to make friends and how at times you go on these “play dates” etc… So I just wanted to write this book to show people that not everyone finds it easy to make friends and I even do the thing of comparing myself to my friends on facebook when I state…. I think the line was “If you look at my facebook account I have 32 friends where as all my friends have 100+” Sadly the 32 friends I have on facebook I believe 90% of them are family..

So there you go a little bit of a glimpse into what will be coming out in the near future for me, I have no idea when it will be coming out but hopefully at some point in time, but I will keep you all posted on that…



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