Busy Day Of Rejection

Busy day of rejection actually started early Friday morning.
On the phone with the girlfriend when she started to give me a hard time
I told her I couldn’t be on late, didn’t say why. Just didn’t want to be up late that night

I knew come morning I had a few jobs I had to do with rain in the near forecast
Last words she heard outta my mouth was “I give up”, since she wouldn’t let me say shit
Today the otherside of her came out, basically pushed me away, not wanting me

Tried to talk, cold feel the cold shoulder through messenger
Tried to warm it up, knew it wasn’t going anywhere  so she pushed me away once more
Told me to go back to my ex, hell she hasn’t wanted me in over a year, if longer

Getting rejected so much today, I always knew that nobody wanted me around
Nor does anyone want me in there life.
Give them a shoulder to cry on, nope. A ear to listen to them, nope.

I also know that if an apology happens, it would have to come from me.
Some feel they’re too good to apologize, so everything must be my fault
Not sure how that all got started but an algorithm could be created to solve it

It’s like solving for “X” when you don’t know anymore parameters.
Some how I get thrown into everything.
Should I be happy or sad, delighted or mad.

I already know something more is going on, but chances are I’ll never find out



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