Dear @kj52

Dear KJ;

Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Kennie and I want to thank you for shining light onto what appeared to be a very dark life.
I first stumbled upon your stuff through a page on wikipedia, I looked up another white rapper, perhaps you heard of him.. None other than Eminem
In a section called comparisons with other artists, it mentions you and to be honest when I first read it I laughed when I put the words christian and hip-hop together
At the time most of the hip hop I would be listening to would be a complete 180 as it’s called horrorcore.

To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern

Dear KJ;

The first track I heard from you was none other than Dear Slim, your words and style was sounding different to me, way different.
As I listened I started to feel the weight get lifted off my shoulders as I started to look back at my life, as I learned more about you.
First comparison I made was we’re both Christians, always been but it’s been kind of pushed aside along the way of my life.
Back in elementary school I even dawned the white robe and was an altar boy, something I generally don’t say much since we both know that a stigma goes along with that.
The month I came across you my iTunes bill went up, I couldn’t get enough of listening to you, it washed many other words and images.

To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern

Dear KJ;

Over the last year I’ve been touching on many grey subjects, nothing incredibly dark but it definitely hasn’t been that light either.
Went through a break up, still living with my ex so we both have good and bad days together.
I’ve always been that nice guy and with knowing she doesn’t have much coin to her name I would rather see her live with me than be homeless.
Sadly not many people understand that and I know I’ve pulled my hair out on more than one occasion over things that have gone on between me and her.
Anyway that’s all I really have to say, just a bout four hundred words from a poet up in Canada.

To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern



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